Dermalux Technology

The most powerful portable LED system in the world, Dermalux® is a multi-award-winning British brand, no.1 name for LED Phototherapy, voted ''Treatment of The Year'' for five consecutive years at the UK Aesthetic Awards. It delivers the most advanced LED treatments available in the world, by non-invasive clinically proven therapeutic light energy.

The LED technology is FDA clinically approved and Medically CE certified for acne, wound healing and musculoskeletal pain relief, and are the only LED systems in the world to hold medical approval for psoriasis. 

The therapy is a non-invasive treatment, 100% natural with zero sides effects which uses lengths of UV-free LED light not only for skin problems, but also for musculoskeletal pain.

You can see in this video how LED therapy works.

Here are what some papers have had to say about Dermalux.

What Dermalux can do for you

Blue Light 415 nm (penetration up to 1mm)


  • Destroys the bacteria which causes acne, dermatitis or rashes
  • Helps in the prevention of breakouts of pimples (pustules) or bumps (papules)
  • Triggers a natural photochemical reaction, eliminate spots and balance oil production with protective role for the skin
  • Calming anti-inflammatory effect

Red Light 633 nm (penetration 2-3 mm)


  • Accelerates cell renewal and repair
  • Boosts collagen and elastin synthesis, skin cells regenerate up to 200% faster
  • Stimulates the lymphatic systems and helps with detoxification
  • Improves skin texture, reduces fine lines and increases natural skin hydration
  • Increases blood circulation & oxygenation

Near Infrared Light 830 nm (penetration 5 to 10mm)


  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Accelerates post treatments healing
  • Calms redness and irritation, modulates inflammatory responses
  • Accelerate wound healing, reduces inflammations, stimulates vascular repair

Other benefits'

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 Please check the consultation guide before the treatment

Real results

Powerful transformation! Pain Free. 

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